Strategie e Mercati


Company Transition


Your issue
In most cases it has always been the company's owner to manage the business himself with all the necessary competences. In view of a company transition he often thinks that it should be an only person, very likely his family inheritor, to sum up all the skills and run the business in the future.


What we can do
In today's competitive scenario the whole organization should be however involved to better face challenges and complete transition with success.
Strategie e Mercati is at company's side to:

  • identify together with the company's owner and his managers the best practices to follow in the transition phase
  • point out plus and minus related with inside/outside the company solutions
  • give value to company assets through competitive actions plans
  • in case of family candidates to the helm of the company tutor them in the shortest time on the base of what has been agreed
  • facilitate growth of internal human resources by training them on the job to make them skilled and prepared to face the future with success
  • promote intrapreneurial culture within the organization as a competitive advantage